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New in from Bangkok! October 15, 2012

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Bangkok is one of my favourite country to go when I want a short fuss free break. What’s there not to like? The food is cheap and good, massages everyday, shopping everyday! It’s a shopper’s paradise! This is my loot for the trip. 20121015-151257.jpg20121015-151316.jpg
A pretty chevron sheath top (200baht) with exposed zip at the back, denim shorts and more shorts for the eternal summer days at home. As you can tell, I got a little carried away with mustard shorts. Wanted an orange pair but didn’t manage to get one. The shorts cost between 200 and 250 baht ( about USD6.50 ) each and really mix well with my existing wardrobe. 20121015-151812.jpg20121015-151822.jpg20121015-151902.jpg


The red an white stripe top cost 200baht too. But the icing on the cake is the camouflage jacket. It is the exact one that you see in Zara this season. Likely to a reject for some minor manufacturing fault but honestly, I cannot see anything wrong with it. This is the jacket ( left) as shown on the Zara website

20121015-152459.jpg. It cost me 800 baht. That’s USD26. I later found another shop at Platinium Mall selling it for 650baht ( USD21). It’s selling for USD105 in Zara stores.. I about died when I finally got the jacket. SoooOooooo happy!! Heehee.


New year Shopping December 22, 2011

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Loot for the month. I’ve been shopping since my birthday in October… Oops. All sponsored by the husband, thanks old man!!

Recognize this sweater? I mentioned it here and here. Cannot believe I found it at Far East for SGD$33! that’s way cheaper than Romwe and Chicwish! Woot! I’m so going to be an outfit pirate!

Some accessories to make things a little fun.. Hairbands are SGD$5 for all three and the spectacles are SGD$9.80.

The two pairs of jeggings and the red trousers from Bershka.

I’m very happy with my wardrobe because it seems to have everthing I ever need and want to wear so much so that I’m willing to reduce my shopping budget next year to $1000 for the entire year. ..or maybe .. $500 would be more reasonable… Hmm…. Or maybe… Nothing.. Gulp!!!! Nah… No way… But definitely, I would like to spend less next year and work on remixing my wardrobe a lot more.


Pants again December 13, 2011

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There are times when you try on a hundred pairs of jeans/ pants and cannot find one you like. AND then there are days like that when you are not even looking that hard , and what you have been looking for simply falls right at your feet. I bought TWO pairs of jeans AND the red trousers. Just when I thought I am going to have to pass the colour pants trend. The perfect red.. Ok rust-ish maroon pants appear.. * sigh… Satisfied


Perfect pants December 10, 2011

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In the last two weeks, I Have probably tried on at least 25-30 pairs of pants/ jeans. Yet I have not found anything I liked. Nothing from Zara, Mango, H&M. Where to next? It’s such a pain to buy pants when you are just 5 1′ .. One pair at Zara fitted nicely but it was too long! If only I can just hem it up. I can’t!!! There’s a zip design at the ankle.. So there.. End of story. How about the so-pretty-on-the-shelf flare jeans at Mango? No… If I have to shorten the hem, I’ll end up with a pair of boot-cut jeans. Damn…..

Have you ALL tried the coloured jeans trend? I haven’t found a colour I can bear to see myself in.. I just can’t get past it. I can’t get used to seeing myself in a pair of red/ teal/electric blue/ forest green/ nude pinkish jeans.. Just can’t… Arghhhhh … I think I’m gonna have to pass this trend… And stick to my regular blue and black.. Sickening. Boring. Me.


Where are you? November 8, 2011

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I’m looking for
1. a pair of military green skinnies, another pair in rust, maybe another pair in white/pink .
2. Flat loafers in tan
3. Cotton crew neck Sweater in camel, grey and some novelty/ ethnic print

There are endless options online but I feel the need to try on my pants/ jeans before I buy them. Spotted some pretty sweaters but I’m too cheapskate to pay for the very expensive shipping.. :p

And so….the search continues


The B&W Shopping Treat October 31, 2011

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It was my birthday last week. I was supposed to be in Bangkok over the weekend but because of the flooding in many parts of Thailand, we decided that we wouldn’t take the risk, not with a toddler in tow. So to compensate for it, the husband brought me shopping. These are the loot. It was only after that I realized I’m really hopeless. Everything bought today is either black or white : the world’s two safest non-colour. Luckily, If you recall, in the previous post, I also bought an sleeveless orange chiffon top (and its black version as well). And that orangey pair of shoes that I have been wearing everyday since I got it on Tuesday.And.. Oh and… I just thrifted an oversized orangey blouse from Etsy. đŸ™‚ and a green tank with polka dots peter pan collar. At least.. Some colours. That’s 12 tops. Now I just need some bottoms to match.