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New in from Bangkok! October 15, 2012

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Bangkok is one of my favourite country to go when I want a short fuss free break. What’s there not to like? The food is cheap and good, massages everyday, shopping everyday! It’s a shopper’s paradise! This is my loot for the trip. 20121015-151257.jpg20121015-151316.jpg
A pretty chevron sheath top (200baht) with exposed zip at the back, denim shorts and more shorts for the eternal summer days at home. As you can tell, I got a little carried away with mustard shorts. Wanted an orange pair but didn’t manage to get one. The shorts cost between 200 and 250 baht ( about USD6.50 ) each and really mix well with my existing wardrobe. 20121015-151812.jpg20121015-151822.jpg20121015-151902.jpg


The red an white stripe top cost 200baht too. But the icing on the cake is the camouflage jacket. It is the exact one that you see in Zara this season. Likely to a reject for some minor manufacturing fault but honestly, I cannot see anything wrong with it. This is the jacket ( left) as shown on the Zara website

20121015-152459.jpg. It cost me 800 baht. That’s USD26. I later found another shop at Platinium Mall selling it for 650baht ( USD21). It’s selling for USD105 in Zara stores.. I about died when I finally got the jacket. SoooOooooo happy!! Heehee.


New in October 4, 2012

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Got a sheer black vintage polka dot blouse off eBay. Love it to bits!



The right shoes August 30, 2012

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The husband an never understand why I take a while to match my attire to my shoes or my shoes to my attire ( it’s different!) Can you see the difference it makes? The pointy flats which show more skin makes the legs look longer where as the oxfords make it look shorter. Same same but different , darling.


Today’s outfit July 31, 2012

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Blouse from Bangkok, jeans from Dorothy Perkins


Wardrobe 10072012 July 10, 2012

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Maroon & Orange & black stripes April 5, 2012

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Wardrobe B&W 10012012 January 10, 2012

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Once upon a time, my entire wardrobe consisted of only black and white items. That’s how much I like these non- colours. I only wear black lingerie, if that’s not too much to share. So, imagine how happy I was to know the theme for this month’s EBEW! I thought it would be a little more interesting to try mixing texture as well instead of just the two colour. So I’ve got fuzzy knit with black lace. I remember seeing the sweater with pencil skirt combo. I kinda like them together. Oh Oh.. And black suede Devita block heels from Nine West. What do you think?





Vintage Lace pencil skirt via Etsy, sweater from Zara, Nine West shoes and necklace from Forever 21