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Vested interest July 31, 2012

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Told you the vest is getting a lot of wear..




Wardrobe 20022012 February 20, 2012

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I went shopping for a pair of white jeans. I find it annoying that the ones I’ve seen are all so thin that the front pockets underneath can be seen two streets away. Saw a nice tan leather bag in Zara. Contemplating to buy myself a birthday present.. But my birthday is still eight months away .. Oops . This is my outfit today.



Top from Cotton On, skirt from asos, bag from far east, shoes from Itti and Otto


Inspo December 18, 2011

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There’s something very appealing about this denim dress.
Image via here

Image via Pinterest
I have. A pair of levi’s cut off that’s too tight at the thighs, I’m going to get some lace to do this.


Delayed telecast September 6, 2011

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I wore this last Saturday but didn’t get around to posting it because I was busy gorging my face with the chocolate cake I made. It was a hit with the family and both cakes were gone in two days.




I don’t understand how anyone can be bored or idle because I hardly have enough time! I have so many sewing and crafting projects to do, recipes to try out, laundry to wash.. Blah blah blah.. I’m tired just trying to list out the things that I want to do. A few things high on my list:
1) corduroy shorts ( 80% done)
2) black culottes
3) Quiet book for son
4) orange boxy top
5) dress for niece
6) bracelets
7) put up completed projects for sale on Etsy.
-_- These, I have to do during me-time from 11pm to 1am. It’s going to take a while… Ya.. I bake during this time too. The day is dedicated to my son and any household chores I can squeeze in.


Denim refashion July 29, 2011

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Remember the jeans I thrifted? I snipped them off to make denim shorts for my eternal summer days.




It’s not completely done yet. I’m waiting for my next trip to the craft shop to get a nautical themed button for it. The brown plastic button is an eyesore really.






A bit more work for this pair, the jeans was oversized, so I had to raise the crotch as well. I quite like the lace detail and scalloped edge.


DIY: Taking in the Denim dress(?) July 25, 2011

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I got this from Uniqlo. It was on sale for $29.90. Image via Polyvore

I was inspired by this look via Stockholm Street Style



But somehow it didn’t look right. I attribute it to the fact that I’m 5 1′ and the large size denim top looked like it was going to swallow me whole. Why did I get a large? Because the medium pinched my shoulders which are really broad for my height. I’m not complaining, I like my shoulders ( and my ears). So I did some alteration and reduced the bulk from this:

To this:

By taking in the sides and the sleeves



Thrift finds

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Brown trousers looks almost new and cost $3, the jeans is $4. The plan is to make a pair of shorts out of the jeans and a pair of cropped trousers from the brown trousers. What would you do with them?

This pair of flares cost $4 and it is still in very good condition. I want to make a pair of shorts out of it but it can be altered to my size as it is.. What do you think?

The last one cost me $1 . It’s an Alfred Sung silk skirt. Unfortunately, the colour ran when I washed it. What should I do with it?

I have some ideas what to do with these finds but would love to hear your opinions.