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Wardrobe 13072012 July 14, 2012

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Forever21 sweater, Uniqlo white jeans. Payless heels


Wardrobe 26022012: It’s a rosy day February 26, 2012

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I’m a little late on the colored jeans trend. I’m wary of trendy items. I don’t want to look dated when I look at my photos 10 years later. I’ve two pairs of non- neutral colored bottoms now. Both are kinda in the safe zone. One is the Bershka maroon chinos which I love. Bright Red is a really tacky colour to wear, somehow you just can’t look at the colour for a long time. Maroon is not so in-your-face red. It’s more forgiving somewhat. The other pair of coloured bottom is this pair of rosy pink Gap jeans I got last week. I almost got the brighter pink one but changed my mind at the cashier. Today’s outfit is inspired by Kendi’s outfit. I like how the oatmeal and dusty rosy pink hue go together: soft and very pretty.




Sweater from Zara, jeans from Gap, tank from Cotton on. Shoes from a local brand


Wardrobe 16022012 February 17, 2012

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I’m so lazy to dress up lately.. Been just going for my jeans and sweater/ tanks…. You know… I might as well do a 30 for 30 jeans series… Ha..






Wardrobe B&W 10012012 January 10, 2012

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Once upon a time, my entire wardrobe consisted of only black and white items. That’s how much I like these non- colours. I only wear black lingerie, if that’s not too much to share. So, imagine how happy I was to know the theme for this month’s EBEW! I thought it would be a little more interesting to try mixing texture as well instead of just the two colour. So I’ve got fuzzy knit with black lace. I remember seeing the sweater with pencil skirt combo. I kinda like them together. Oh Oh.. And black suede Devita block heels from Nine West. What do you think?





Vintage Lace pencil skirt via Etsy, sweater from Zara, Nine West shoes and necklace from Forever 21


Inspo January 5, 2012

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Here’s Jen from Jen loves Kev. I like the idea of loose sweater over skirt. Totally copy-able and style-pirate-able.


Pinterest-ed the next Inspo. I need to be more colorful.



New year Shopping December 22, 2011

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Loot for the month. I’ve been shopping since my birthday in October… Oops. All sponsored by the husband, thanks old man!!

Recognize this sweater? I mentioned it here and here. Cannot believe I found it at Far East for SGD$33! that’s way cheaper than Romwe and Chicwish! Woot! I’m so going to be an outfit pirate!

Some accessories to make things a little fun.. Hairbands are SGD$5 for all three and the spectacles are SGD$9.80.

The two pairs of jeggings and the red trousers from Bershka.

I’m very happy with my wardrobe because it seems to have everthing I ever need and want to wear so much so that I’m willing to reduce my shopping budget next year to $1000 for the entire year. ..or maybe .. $500 would be more reasonable… Hmm…. Or maybe… Nothing.. Gulp!!!! Nah… No way… But definitely, I would like to spend less next year and work on remixing my wardrobe a lot more.


Wardrobe 03122011 December 3, 2011

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Zara sweater, cotton on white tank top, H&M blue skinnies, Itti and Otto tan loafers