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Wardrobe 13072012 July 14, 2012

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Forever21 sweater, Uniqlo white jeans. Payless heels


Printed knit jumper March 18, 2012

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The jumper is new and I got it from wardrobe54. The quality is not too bad. Wore it with white jeans and my new blue heels from Payless in the morning blue jeans and flats in the afternoon. Heels are invented to make our lives just a bit more miserable, right. I bet you will agree with me that there’s
no such thing as a pair of comfortable heels. I should get shoes that don’t pinch my toes. I retired my leopard flats because they were falling apart. RIP. you will be missed…. Until I buy another pair of leopard flats.









Wardrobe 01092011 September 1, 2011

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It’s Thursday again! This week’s thrifted item is this pastel pink granny blouse purchased from an Etsy seller. De-grannified by removing the shoulder pads and pairing it with skinny jeans and heels. Yes, I’ve removed the shoulder pads. It does look as if they are still there, doesn’t it? The blouse is slouchy all over but it fits my broad and squarish shoulders just nice. If the shoulder pads were still there I’ll look like a American football player.





Meet Virginia Design
Finally got down to fixing this white gold bracelet I got as a wedding present many years back.

Been busy DIY-ing; sewing and crafting. Will be posting about these in the next few days. I’m thinking of setting aside a day a week to wear/use the stuff I make. That should keep me motivated. What do you think? How’s DIY Sunday? đŸ™‚


Wardrobe 25082011 August 25, 2011

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Short people can wear cropped trousers. Tell Tim Gunn I say so. Whether you look good or not depends whether you choose the right pair. I think, ahem! , in my humble opinion, if you have a longer torso and short legs like mine, you can still make cropped trousers work by choosing a pair with higher rise and slimmer cut. Paired with heels, it can negate the shortening effect of the trousers. If you have short torso and longer legs, then heaven is on your side, but still avoid low low butt crack flashing rise.
Got the bag via Etsy. Isn’t it lovely? Love the quilting. One of the best buys!








Wardrobe 06082011 August 6, 2011

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Almost everything is thrifted from Etsy except the shoes.



I have a new shopping resolution: not to buy anymore things in black. I think I need to inject some colours into my wardrobe. Enough of black already. Enough is enough.


Wardrobe 05082011 August 5, 2011

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DIY blue skirt, tank top from Bugis Village, heels from Charles and Keith.


Etsy Treasury April 8, 2011

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What a gorgeous pair of shoes! It will look really nice with a pair of skinnies or with skirts and tights. Buy it here.

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