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DIYs September 16, 2011

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Remember this that I grabbed from Pinterest?

I decided to copy this look. I have a similar top but I don’t have a white skirt. So what was I to do? I found a white dress at the back of my closet and sacrificed it for my sartorial experiment. I cut off the bottom half above the belt loops and hemmed the raw edges with a bias tape. Then I added another button hole in between the first and second buttonhole. Voila! I’ve got a new skirt! The top turned into a cropped vest. I don’t think the vest will stay white though. I’m just not sure what colour to dye it.


Then there’s this top that I spied on etsy:

I saw a similar polyester fabric in Spotlight and thought I’ll give it a go.

The third project that I completed cost me $2.20 for 2 bottles of bleach. This was a pair of black jeans. I bleached the hell out of it. I wanted to take part in this month’s ebew but couldn’t make it in time to dye this another colour. It’s off white for now.. Hmm.. More like grubby white. we’ll see what colour it turns out to be eventually. One thing about bleaching. It eats up the elasticity in my jeans. There’s not much stretch left after the bleach. đŸ˜¦ I also skinnified the jeans by taking in the sides. Me thinks it’ll look quite good with a worn out Tee for a Fashionista meets rag and bone man look.

I’ve got another DIY shorts to show off but it’s on my butt now. I’ll leave it for another post.


Denim refashion July 29, 2011

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Remember the jeans I thrifted? I snipped them off to make denim shorts for my eternal summer days.




It’s not completely done yet. I’m waiting for my next trip to the craft shop to get a nautical themed button for it. The brown plastic button is an eyesore really.






A bit more work for this pair, the jeans was oversized, so I had to raise the crotch as well. I quite like the lace detail and scalloped edge.