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So red my eyes hurt September 3, 2011

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I ended up wearing my grey Mango grandad T shirt with it but was too lazy to take photos. The shorts are really bright red. It really hurt my eyes when I had to look at it for extended period while sewing it. I got the fabric from a friend who was destashing. I want to make the shorts in black (duh..) but thought I’ll try out the ‘muslin’ piece using this red fabric first. Turns out it looks decent enough to be worn. I’m happy because I finally figure out how to sew a buttonhole. Yeah!!!







Wardrobe 11082011 August 11, 2011

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How long/ many times do you wear your jeans before you wash them? I used to wear them for a month ( or two) until my roomie/sister complained that it stank. Oops. Jeans are meant to be worn this way, no? I wash them more often now though because of a certain grubby little boy who likes to wipe his hands on my jeans/ blouse/ face. I think babies are dangerous. My nose is badly scratched, my eye was nearly blinded ( several times), I have bruises all over , I get pinched and punched everyday. I have had remote controls, hard board books and phones thrown at my face. Why didn’t anybody tell me I need to wear protective suit when handling a toddler? Nobody warned me a baby can be this destructive. I think I need my husband’s riding helmet too.



Tank top from Bugis Village, H&M jeans, Rubi shoes.