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Pink jeans March 11, 2012

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I’ve been in the pink jeans for a couple of days. Three days? Or was it four? This is how I did it.. Turns out, it’s as wardrobe friendly as any neutral colour jeans.

Pink and leopard go together better than I thought!



Pink and white: Can’t go wrong!


Pink and stripes




Pink and rabbit cropped top.
Pink ( supposedly ankle) Jeans from Gap, white jersey top from H&M, striped top from Dorothy Perkins, cheap random rabbit cropped tee from far east plaza.
Wow, I just did three outfit post in one.


Wardrobe 26022012: It’s a rosy day February 26, 2012

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I’m a little late on the colored jeans trend. I’m wary of trendy items. I don’t want to look dated when I look at my photos 10 years later. I’ve two pairs of non- neutral colored bottoms now. Both are kinda in the safe zone. One is the Bershka maroon chinos which I love. Bright Red is a really tacky colour to wear, somehow you just can’t look at the colour for a long time. Maroon is not so in-your-face red. It’s more forgiving somewhat. The other pair of coloured bottom is this pair of rosy pink Gap jeans I got last week. I almost got the brighter pink one but changed my mind at the cashier. Today’s outfit is inspired by Kendi’s outfit. I like how the oatmeal and dusty rosy pink hue go together: soft and very pretty.




Sweater from Zara, jeans from Gap, tank from Cotton on. Shoes from a local brand


Wardrobe 04102011 October 4, 2011

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Wardrobe 01092011 September 1, 2011

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It’s Thursday again! This week’s thrifted item is this pastel pink granny blouse purchased from an Etsy seller. De-grannified by removing the shoulder pads and pairing it with skinny jeans and heels. Yes, I’ve removed the shoulder pads. It does look as if they are still there, doesn’t it? The blouse is slouchy all over but it fits my broad and squarish shoulders just nice. If the shoulder pads were still there I’ll look like a American football player.





Meet Virginia Design
Finally got down to fixing this white gold bracelet I got as a wedding present many years back.

Been busy DIY-ing; sewing and crafting. Will be posting about these in the next few days. I’m thinking of setting aside a day a week to wear/use the stuff I make. That should keep me motivated. What do you think? How’s DIY Sunday? đŸ™‚


Wardrobe 04082011 August 4, 2011

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Tank top from Bugis Village, jeans from H&M, leopard print shoes