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Covet list August 3, 2012

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Things that are currently on my want-to-get-my-hands-on list:
1/2. Red and/or black strappy Swedish Hasbeens
3. Brown or black Coach Willis bag
4. Camo print jacket
5. A gold tone watch

If you feel the urge to splurge and send me a gift, pleeeeeaaasssse let me know. I’m just saying…


The safari vest June 8, 2012

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I spy the coveted Banana Republic Heritage vest on these ladies:

On My style pill


On Simply Jules


The Glamourai


I knew I have to get one for myself. It’s such a versatile piece of clothing! Not to mention entirely suitable for our climate which is a sweltering 30 + degree Celsius throughout the year. Guess what I found on eBay? THIS:

It’s a total twin!!!! I wanted the vest. It had to be mine but there was other one person who bidded for it. So.. I bidded for it only 5 minutes before the auction ended. Scheming, sly, sneaky. I KNOW. Heheh!!! Somewhere, someone is cursing me. USD$6.95 excluding shipping cost which should be approximately USD$10. Still a VERY good buy! I’m waiting for the invoice from the seller. Fingers crossed. Please come to me safely. I love you already before I even met you!


Sweet Pastel Spring March 3, 2012

Sweet Pastel Spring


Etoile Isabel Marant skinny jeans
$320 –

Wanted ballet shoes
$50 –

Fossil handbag
£98 –

Aurélie Bidermann chain jewelry
$460 –

Chan Luu turquoise jewelry
$115 –


Weather and clothes

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It’s kinda crappy to be living in a place where the weather stays pretty much warm and humid the entire year. Boring for the wardrobe that is. I like the layered look and jackets and whatnots, but it just doesn’t make much sense when half the time wearing your undergarment alone makes you sweat bucket. No scarves, no beanies, no boots. No wool please. If you come to Singapore, you’ll know what I mean. Sartorially challenged by the weather.

Any way, I’ve been collecting inspirations on Pinterest and realized that I am a jeans and pants and shorts person. Skirts are once in a blue moon for me. And I like neutral colours mostly sometimes with a bright splotch somewhere. So that’ll pretty help me when I go shopping.. No more skirts, which in any case isn’t very convenient for running after an active kid. It’s kinda nice to know what works and what don’t. And that you don’t just follow trends blindly and kinda know what suits you better.


Jeans only.. February 12, 2012

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I’ve been neglecting my blog.. And the rest of my closet…I’ve been wearing my jeans and jeans only.. It’s so easy to get stuck … Wonder if I should force myself to do a 30 for 30 just so to do justice to my wardrobe. Or maybe 7 for 7 just to make it more manageable.. *sigh…


Ermmm………. January 12, 2012

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There’s something that’s really biased in this poster.

Twenty years ago, the average woman weighs a lot lesser than her counterpart today thanks to fast food, doughnuts and cupcake fads and all you can eat buffets and oversized " value" meals and whatnots. Please don't try to promote obesity. It's just as unhealthy as anorexia.

She, on the other hand, looks like a better role model for healthy living.
All images from Pinterest


New Year Resolutions January 2, 2012

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Bimbotic Resolutions of the Vain Housewife:

1~ Less shopping, limit to one item a month or up to a maximum of $50 a month. Target: budget for 2012 on shopping excluding skin care and make up: $800

2. Leaner body. Not skinnier but toned and fit. Yoga and healthy food. Less junk more water, veg and fruits.

3. Growing out my hair. I. Will. Not. Cut. My. Hair. On. Impulse. Again.

4. Wear all the clothes in my wardrobe in the course of the year. ( more remixing!!)

Not so Bimbotic resolutions
5. Read a book a month. I’ve stopped reading since I started working. Oh my god.. It’s unacceptable.

6. Plan and use my time more wisely.

We’ll see if I stick by the resolutions. I managed to keep to my budget last year but it was a lot higher at $2000 for the year. I keep a record of my expenditure so that I won’t overspend. Perhaps I should keep a food log as well, so I don’t overeat.. Haha.. I’m already weighing myself every morning and evening. It’s almost to the extent of an obsessive compulsion but it does help. The body react to the food which shows on the weighing scale usually within 48 hours. It helps me control what I eat.