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New year Shopping December 22, 2011

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Loot for the month. I’ve been shopping since my birthday in October… Oops. All sponsored by the husband, thanks old man!!

Recognize this sweater? I mentioned it here and here. Cannot believe I found it at Far East for SGD$33! that’s way cheaper than Romwe and Chicwish! Woot! I’m so going to be an outfit pirate!

Some accessories to make things a little fun.. Hairbands are SGD$5 for all three and the spectacles are SGD$9.80.

The two pairs of jeggings and the red trousers from Bershka.

I’m very happy with my wardrobe because it seems to have everthing I ever need and want to wear so much so that I’m willing to reduce my shopping budget next year to $1000 for the entire year. ..or maybe .. $500 would be more reasonable… Hmm…. Or maybe… Nothing.. Gulp!!!! Nah… No way… But definitely, I would like to spend less next year and work on remixing my wardrobe a lot more.


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