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The safari vest June 8, 2012

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I spy the coveted Banana Republic Heritage vest on these ladies:

On My style pill


On Simply Jules


The Glamourai


I knew I have to get one for myself. It’s such a versatile piece of clothing! Not to mention entirely suitable for our climate which is a sweltering 30 + degree Celsius throughout the year. Guess what I found on eBay? THIS:

It’s a total twin!!!! I wanted the vest. It had to be mine but there was other one person who bidded for it. So.. I bidded for it only 5 minutes before the auction ended. Scheming, sly, sneaky. I KNOW. Heheh!!! Somewhere, someone is cursing me. USD$6.95 excluding shipping cost which should be approximately USD$10. Still a VERY good buy! I’m waiting for the invoice from the seller. Fingers crossed. Please come to me safely. I love you already before I even met you!


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