The Blushing Peony

Weather and clothes March 3, 2012

Filed under: Everything Else — Tangerine Tangerine @ 6:49 am

It’s kinda crappy to be living in a place where the weather stays pretty much warm and humid the entire year. Boring for the wardrobe that is. I like the layered look and jackets and whatnots, but it just doesn’t make much sense when half the time wearing your undergarment alone makes you sweat bucket. No scarves, no beanies, no boots. No wool please. If you come to Singapore, you’ll know what I mean. Sartorially challenged by the weather.

Any way, I’ve been collecting inspirations on Pinterest and realized that I am a jeans and pants and shorts person. Skirts are once in a blue moon for me. And I like neutral colours mostly sometimes with a bright splotch somewhere. So that’ll pretty help me when I go shopping.. No more skirts, which in any case isn’t very convenient for running after an active kid. It’s kinda nice to know what works and what don’t. And that you don’t just follow trends blindly and kinda know what suits you better.


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