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Wardrobe 26022012: It’s a rosy day February 26, 2012

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I’m a little late on the colored jeans trend. I’m wary of trendy items. I don’t want to look dated when I look at my photos 10 years later. I’ve two pairs of non- neutral colored bottoms now. Both are kinda in the safe zone. One is the Bershka maroon chinos which I love. Bright Red is a really tacky colour to wear, somehow you just can’t look at the colour for a long time. Maroon is not so in-your-face red. It’s more forgiving somewhat. The other pair of coloured bottom is this pair of rosy pink Gap jeans I got last week. I almost got the brighter pink one but changed my mind at the cashier. Today’s outfit is inspired by Kendi’s outfit. I like how the oatmeal and dusty rosy pink hue go together: soft and very pretty.




Sweater from Zara, jeans from Gap, tank from Cotton on. Shoes from a local brand


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