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New Year Resolutions January 2, 2012

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Bimbotic Resolutions of the Vain Housewife:

1~ Less shopping, limit to one item a month or up to a maximum of $50 a month. Target: budget for 2012 on shopping excluding skin care and make up: $800

2. Leaner body. Not skinnier but toned and fit. Yoga and healthy food. Less junk more water, veg and fruits.

3. Growing out my hair. I. Will. Not. Cut. My. Hair. On. Impulse. Again.

4. Wear all the clothes in my wardrobe in the course of the year. ( more remixing!!)

Not so Bimbotic resolutions
5. Read a book a month. I’ve stopped reading since I started working. Oh my god.. It’s unacceptable.

6. Plan and use my time more wisely.

We’ll see if I stick by the resolutions. I managed to keep to my budget last year but it was a lot higher at $2000 for the year. I keep a record of my expenditure so that I won’t overspend. Perhaps I should keep a food log as well, so I don’t overeat.. Haha.. I’m already weighing myself every morning and evening. It’s almost to the extent of an obsessive compulsion but it does help. The body react to the food which shows on the weighing scale usually within 48 hours. It helps me control what I eat.


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