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Pinterest Inspo December 5, 2011

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All images via Pinterest
I’ve been requesting for a Pinterest account for the longest time.. đŸ˜¦ Anyway… I bought myself a bright red lipstick. I actually like the colour a lot. I’m not really a lippie person, what more a bright red lippie colour but I’ve always wanted to try the red lippie look. So far, I’ve only put it on at home.. In front of the mirror, in the bathroom. My hubby thinks it’s too red and he thinks I look kinda weird, plus it’s messy to kiss.

I’m looking around for an army green skinny. I was looking for a red pair too but thinks red is too loud for me. Not sure whether I am stuck in a style rut or the lack of more interesting colours defines my “style”. Oh yeah, I’m a bore…. How stylish is that? Wish I can be more adventurous but I think it’s more important to feel confident in your own skin.


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