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Wardrobe 26102011 October 26, 2011

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I wrote a whole lot of stuff and then the phone hanged and everything was gone.. Blah…so not in the mood to repeat myself.
But anyway, I was just lamenting about the lack of shopping time. I need some retail therapy!!!!! And, telling you not to save certain outfits for special days because I did and since these special days come by once in a blue moon, I out grew some dresses, one of which I have never worn even once. :p They will be archived for the daughter I may or may not have. DON’T save that outfit. Everyday may be special, perhaps you will meet a special someone/ bump into your ex / pop an artery and die. I don’t want to be caught in tatty underwear and a sack in any of these situations.
A simple outfit today for a family gathering.





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