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Body issues October 3, 2011

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I think all women are concerned about the way they look. Even the sloppiest woman will attempt at some point in life to look good at least once. Then there’s the other extreme who takes care down to her very last toenail to look look good from every angle.
I won’t consider myself skinny now. I used to be real skinny. I’m ok, now, still within the acceptable BMI. It took me 10 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which isn’t too bad. Breastfeeding helps. And since I’m breastfeeding, I tend to eat more healthily. Definitely don’t junk as much. The truth is, I felt so miserable post pregnancy because I felt like a water tank. I was bloated and .. Well.. FAT There, I said it, the ‘F’ word that is so much scarier than the other naughty ‘F’ word.

Sometime back there was a controversy involving Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. He was bombarded by many for making a comment about a woman’s calves. He described it as ” curvy” and it seemed that many did not agree. I looked at the picture. I’m not sure what these people want of Scott Schuman. Surely, they understand the concept of relativity?! Her calves is indeed chunkier than some of the other women on the blog. It is curvier! So is mine! How else do you describe shapes and sizes?

Then, some people had issues with the meaning of ” curvy” .It seems that the word ” curvy” has been subjected to euphemism. It is the kinder and politically correct way for describing an obese person. Marilyn Monroe is curvy, Kim kardashian is curvy, Jennifer Lopez is curvy. And they are all not obese. I hope I’ve not offended anyone. Obesity as defined by the BMI chart. Obesity is a problem. It is not so much an image problem as it is a health problem. I honestly think that if you suffer from obesity, you need to fix that problem. And NOT try to get around that by embracing the obese body type or give it a euphemistic term to make it seem acceptable. Would you embrace heart attack? Knee degeneration? High blood pressure? It’s NOT about succumbing to the ideology that skinny is beautiful, it is about being responsible for your own health and loving the body that God gave you. While He gave us different body shapes and sizes, He also warned us not to commit gluttony and to love ourselves.

While I’m all supportive of embracing different shapes, I won’t and refuse to embrace obesity. It boils down to making smart decisions when it comes to food and exercise. The slim and trim people exercise regularly and make healthier choices for their meals. It’s all about choices. As my husband always say, Genes can only take you that far, then it’s all up to you.
Just some tips:
1. no crash dieting. It’s abt sustainability, unless you can drink cabbage soup for the rest of your life.
2. Healthy snacks like Bananas, baked ( no sugar/ salt) almonds, raisins, edamame beans,
3, low salt, low sugar Especially after 8pm ( I didn’t say no salt, no sugar, just have them in moderation)


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