The Blushing Peony

DIY Sunday September 4, 2011

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I sewed this top by altering a vintage pattern. Initially I had some difficulty because of the neckline and armholes and also because the fabric is slippery and not exactly beginners friendly. I’ve been sewing over a year now but can hardly call myself an intermediate sew-er since my methods can be quite unorthodox. I use bias tape facing to finish the neckline and armholes. Realized that to minimize puckers and unsightly folds, it might be best to make your own bias tape that is thinner. The closer you sew to the edge of the neckline/armholes, the neater it is. For this top, the width of the facing that’s visible on the inside of the garment is approximately 1/4′ thick. By the way, this top probably cost me less than SGD$5 to make!

I’m probably going to try next the sorbetto tank pattern that you can download free from here. For more Sorbetto top versions inspiration, you should visit Sew Weekly. I need to make a trip to get the orange polyester fabric I saw at Spotlight!! That would make a fine Sorbetto top!






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