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Best chocolate cake recipe September 2, 2011

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This is not a food blog but then, this recipe is too good not to share! I’ve tried a couple of recipes and so far this is the easiest and tastiest! It took me 30 min of preparation and 55 minutes to STEAM. That’s right, this cake is steamed and not baked. It’s a very Asian style to steam your cake, but of course this is sort of like a east meet west kinda cake making since chocolate cakes are essentially western dessert. I got the recipe from here. I halved the ingredients for this attempt. And this is the result.





I like my chocolate cake steamed now. The result is a moist cake that’s soft inside and outside. With baking, the outside of the cake is usually drier. The texture of this steamed chocolate is a lot finer than a baked cake. And you know what? Another reason to love this recipe? You don’t need to use an electric mixer. One thing less to wash.

P/S: I made another cake the next day but added bananas and dark chocolate chips and reduced sugar to 3/4 cup. It was Even more moist!!! And the burst of gooey chocolate in between bites was pure bliss.. Hmmmmmmm….Tip: Use a whisk for more fluff. Use a spoon to mix the ingredients if you want a denser cake. I melted the butter and sugar in a big metal mixing bowl over a wok of boiling water. Then proceeded to add the evaporated milk and vanilla essence.( since the evaporated milk is at room temperature adding it after melting the butter and sugar will cool down the mixture immediately. No waiting time!) Then I added the eggs into the mixing bowl, beat it then sifted the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and baking powder directly into the
mixing bowl. That’ll save you a lot of washing up!!!! Add in the bananas and chocolate chips before steaming. I swear, you will love this cake.


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