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Wardrobe 21082011 August 21, 2011

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I thrifted the cardigan sometime ago for a dollar. A dollar! It looked almost brand new except for a small patch of mildew stain at one corner. That was removed easily using Vanish. I wore it for a while today but the weather was so warm it was removed and kept in my bag the entire day. This just further cements my decision not to get a boyfriend/ boys’ jacket. It would just be another white elephant in my wardrobe. I am tempted to clear my wardrobe by selling some items online. I may just do that..

The gingham is a DIY using a tank pattern by Grainline Even though I referred to the sizing chart, it turned out too small and too short.:( Nonetheless, it’s cute and reminds me of my kindergarten uniform.


One Response to “Wardrobe 21082011”

  1. meagan Says:

    That cardigan is adorable. And just $1? Perfect. It works great with the plaid shirt.

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