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DIY suedette braided bracelet August 19, 2011

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In case you haven’t notice, friendship bands and woven bracelets are all the rage now. See here and here for an idea how big they are this season. I can’t believe I waited until now to do my first DIY. Anyway, this is the first but definitely not the last. So check back for more DIY posts. 20110820-011513.jpg
Start by joining two jump rings together. Make two of these, you will need another one for the other end of the bracelet.
Then stringing two strands of suedette through one of the rings. 20110820-011843.jpg20110820-011915.jpg20110820-011942.jpg
Start braiding until you reach your desired length. 20110820-012146.jpg
String all the four strands of suedette ends through one of the jump rings and tighten with a plier. Attach the clasp and we are good.




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