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DIY Blue skirt July 22, 2011

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I wanted a blue midi skirt badly after seeing it on Zoe from Haiku Ambulance,



so I dug around sales bin everywhere and tortured my index finger with a gazillion mouse clicks while I searched Etsy. Nothing. So, I had no choice but to make my own. No pattern used. It’s just one piece of slightly stretchy polyester knit. I’m so lazy I faked a seam. Meaning, I folded the cloth length-wise into half and sewed up the sides. But there would be just one side seam. It’ll look weird. Just to balance things out, I sewed where the other seam would have been as if it were two piece of cloth instead of one. Do I make sense? Anyway, halfway through…

… I thought it looked familiar…..


Image taken from Zara website

Doesn’t it look like the Zara palazzo pants and maxi skirt? For a while I thought I might want to leave it as a maxi. Almost. Then I remember how the escalator ate up my maxi dress..* Snip and so, ladies and gentlemen, the final product…

What do you think?


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