The Blushing Peony

23 of 30 July 16, 2011

Filed under: 30 for 30 S/S 2011 — Tangerine Tangerine @ 5:22 pm

I cheated. I bought a pair of shoes, two pairs actually, ermm…. three actually. What? It was two for 30 and they were the leopard prints and red shoes I was looking for. The nude heels were begging me to fleece my husband, what was I to do? No, really, they were on sale!! Really cheap shoes that wouldn’t last too long but I really really really like the print and colours. I’m a cheapskate, what do you expect? Along the way, I’ve taken out some items and added new ones because of the *bad-word* weather. I only had one cardigans in the challenge. I had three in the beginning but there was no way I’ll wear a cardigan in this heat and humidity. I wash all my tops after ONE wear.



14. Blue jeans
26. Green jumper from Dorothy Perkins
29. Leopard prints shoes from Rubi






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