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13 & 14 of 30 July 6, 2011

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As if you don’t know yet, I’m obsessed with the leopard print tank and my polka dot tank. They go with every bottom in my wardrobe. Which isn’t all that strange since most of my bottoms are black. Gulp. I’m so boring. Why can’t I be more colorful?

I told you to expect something disgusting. This is it. I wore the same skirt two days in a row. I only changed the top. And my undies of course. That would be toooooooo disgusting. And I wore my jeans for 3 days. :p Between the three holiday makers, we had ONE mid sized luggage. Really.

No. 13


6. Shoes from Heatwave
5. DIY polka dot tank
24. DIY paperbag skirt






2. Vintage Leopard print tank via Etsy
6. Shoes from Heatwave
24. DIY paperbag skirt




Accessories for both days:



2 Responses to “13 & 14 of 30”

  1. Brittney Says:

    not isgusting at all, if you ask me. how dirty can a skirt get after one wear, anyway? unless you have slimy kids like i do. then it really DOES get dirty. yet i’d wear it a second time around, too. TMI? sorry. you look great here, on both counts.
    -brittney (fellow 30×30 remixer; come on by if you’d like!)

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