The Blushing Peony

10 of 30 June 26, 2011

Filed under: 30 for 30 S/S 2011 — Tangerine Tangerine @ 2:05 pm


3. Purple wedges from Hush puppies
21. Brown polka Dot skirt from
22. Black scoop neck T- shirt from Forever 21




Look what one baby did to my arms. I need to do something about them before It gets worse. I’ve been wearing midi skirts before it even became on trend. The thing is, it’s not supposed to be midi. On a taller girl, like Kendi from Kendieveryday, this skirt would have been above the knee. I have never been a mini skirt kind of girl, because I am so ashamed of my legs. Suppose petite girls should wear shorter skirts if they want to create an illusion of longer legs, but I can’t because my legs are not just short but they are chunky and scarred by years of suffering from eczema. I like the coverage midi skirts provide. I like that it reveals the slimmest part of my legs and I kind of find that more sexy then showing off the entire length in micro- ( butt flashing) mini.

Do I sound like I have major body image issues? Maybe I did in my younger days, but I’m more or less comfortable with my my “defects”. I can’t exactly change them so I guess I have learned to acknowledge their existence and make do. That’s the beauty of aging..:)


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