The Blushing Peony

8 of 30 June 25, 2011

Filed under: 30 for 30 S/S 2011 — Tangerine Tangerine @ 6:04 am


18. Vintage trousers
19. Tan heels from Charles and Keith
2. Vintage Leopard print tank via






No.18 is a special pair of vintage trousers because my mum used to wear them. I have pilfered her wardrobe for various vintage pieces, clothes and accessories. I think it’s quite amazing how she managed to stash away these for decades. My God, can she hoard! There’s something special about wearing the same pair of trousers my mum had worn albeit decades apart. I am not sure how to explain that feeling, it’s as if I have been drawn closer to her, and that there’s a special bond just because we share the trousers. Weird. Do you feel me?

I think I’m turning into my mother. I’m already putting away some nice pieces for my future daughter. Yes, I am going to have a daughter, her name is Leona. No, I have not gotten around to the insemination yet. I’ll let you know. ( I have conversations with my imaginary readers sometimes, bear with me. I swear I’m not nuts… Ok.. Maybe a little.)


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